Wednesday, April 25, 2007

all men die...

what would it be like to risk it all on a dream that really mattered?

to eschew comfort and security for something that inspires and impassions?

to give it all up and do something crazy?

don't do something just because it looks good on a resume
don't do something just for "job security"
don't do something because you're "supposed to"

live in FREEDOM!
live because you are Redeemed
live for a big Dream that tells of adventure, of sacrifice, of real Love
loving others and your Redeemer

so what if i just moved across the country?
or if i sacrificed a summer internship to go serve in Africa?

...just follow Him...

"all men die. not all men truly live." -Braveheart

I want to actually blog now.

MySpace just does not cut it. I need to be accountable to actually create and have a voice, and not be content to simply be a sponge soaking in ideas and not reciprocating.

So I will post my most recent MySpace entry, and work toward blogging at least once a month.

Here's to the promotion of thinking deeply, sharing those thoughts to a community, and sharpening each other "as iron sharpens iron."

Cheers, mates!