Thursday, June 29, 2006

I started this whole ordeal with no intention of creating an actual blog. All I wanted to do was post a comment on Alex Kirk's blog. And here I am. Feel special, Alex?

Actually, this is a good thing. Now I can have a real blog instead of my old xanga which is pretty outdated. Time to mature into the world of real blogging. No more the amateur!

Ha. Well, we'll see how often I use this site. Probably not much because these past few months have been about me not spending as much time on the computer, and really delving into life. So far, it's been great. So great that I quit AIM altogether and am quite content with that decision.

Now all you who read this are accountable- if I'm posting too much, that means I'm slipping back into my computer junkie ways. You are now my unofficial support group in Time Wasters Anonymous (or not so anonymous, as the case may be).

Have a beautiful day! I'm off to finally post that comment, check e-mails from my sister (who's in Europe!), and eat lunch with a friend from Chapel Hill.

Liz Anne